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Character Transfers and Command Tokens


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While you make a good point, I don't see how that would easily be doable.


If they had made them an inventory item that was expendable, it would be a no brainier.. you simply bring along what you want to in terms of tokens. But now that they are a legacy wide currency (in the currency tab of your inventory)... total ball of snakes to unwind, and even if you could.. different players would argue for different handling of tokens.. so it's once again.. a huge ball of snakes to unpack.

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I disagree. It's relatively simple to implement.


Character A Earns 1000 Tokens = 55.6%

Character B earns 500 Tokens = 27.8%

Character C earns 300 Tokens = 16.7%


You Spend 200 Tokens


Earned - 1800

Spent - 200

Remaining - 1600


Character A Transfers and takes 55.6% of the remaining tokens or 890 Tokens.

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