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I'm trying to Min/Max characters and skills, and matrix them together feeding materials into the Legacy storage to pool for crafting purposes.


Basically, per toon, I'm choosing craft, & gathering skills based upon highest crit bonus...




For instance, Corso is +5 Armstech, Guss is + 2 investigation...


So for my Smuggler:


1- Armstech (Scavenging taken care of by Trooper)

2- Investigation

3-? (TBD)



Trooper will be, due to +5 crits:

1- Armortech

2- Scavenger

3- ? TBD



Yada, yada, yada...


Question is, under legacy can Imperial toons and Republic toons share resources?



and I'm assuming Imp can't craft for Rep, and vice versa?

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Companions no longer have bonuses to specific skills. That went out with patch 4.0, in Oct 2015.


They get a bonus to crit chance and reduced crafting time based purely on your influence with them. Nothing else. So for max crafting bonuses, you need to get your companion(s) to influence level 50. That will give you "+75% Time Efficiency", and +25% critical chance, on all crew skills you have trained.


Republic and Imperial characters can "share" resources, yes. Just drop them in your Legacy Storage. When crafting, Materials are drawn from your Personal Inventory, and/or your Cargo Hold, and/or your Legacy Storage, in that order.

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and I'm assuming Imp can't craft for Rep, and vice versa?

Incorrect. You can craft things on one character and send them to any other character of your legacy, on either faction. I do this all the time, as my best Cybertech is Pub-side, for example, while my best Biochemist is Imp-side, and all my characters will eventually need the stuff these two can make.


To send things, either drop them in your legacy storage or put them in the mail - the characters on your legacy are the only characters to whom you can send cross-faction mail.

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All the crafted armor you get from trainer schematics is adaptive. You can have anyone wear that bulky armor, even a sage or sorcerer.


The only exception to this is old schematics or ones you get from slicing/treasure/underworld missions as a rare bonus (and that you will find on the GTN too). These are still light/medium/heavy armor 99% of the time and some models even require "knight" or "warrior" for example.

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