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Command level should be legacy wide


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Although I feel the whole command level/XP gearing system is an epic fail and should be scraped. The one thing that would make is more acceptable is that the command level be legacy wide. A casual player who only plays for a few hours a day would take forever to level up their character. I have 18 toons on one server alone and have absolutely no desire to level their command. The old system of gearing was enough of a grind as it was. Now you have created a gear grinding system so horrible that once people hit tier 3 they are burnt out and quit the game. I'm sure on paper this gearing system sounded like a good idea. It did to me till after opening crate after crate and getting nothing but crap. We started calling them crates of disappointment. If you are gonna make us keep this stupid system at least make it apply across our account. Thank you.
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