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Minor Ship Seat Bug...


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Since 5.1 went live, I've noticed that the middle seat on the player starship (the one connected to the galaxy map) does not function.


You can't sit down, and it won't activate the galaxy map. The map is fine when you click on it, it's just not accessible from the middle seat as usual.


A minor quibble. Already bug reported in-game, but thought the extra exposure couldn't hurt.



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That's the chair for the drivers ed instructor. It's customary to leave it for them or, if you've already gotten your license, for your mother in law. You know how much they love playing back seat driver. ;)


Confirmed on the Defender with my Jedi Consular. I;m actually standing in the middle of all 3 chairs when I try to use them. Like my knees are hidden in the chair.


edit: Also with the 4 other chairs in the computer area behind the flight deck.

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