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Farewell for the Time Being


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I had cancelled my subscription for reasons stated here http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=909629.

Today is the last day I have remaining in my subscription, so I thought I'd make a "good bye" post.


We all know the problems the game currently has. So, instead of focusing on the negatives, which have already been exhaustively discussed by the players, I thought I'd try to remember the good things.


The class stories were great. From the first time I became aware that this game was being made, I knew I wanted to first play as a jedi consular sage. And, I did. My first and main character was a sage. I really felt that I was stepping into the role of my character and creating and growing my own jedi molded into my image. Over the course of 5 years, I played all the classes multiple times. The class stories are my favorite aspect of the game.


The game overall really scratched my itch for a continuation of the KOTOR games. During my first play through, I remember thinking to myself "This is the star wars game I have been waiting for all my life" And I mean, all my life. I grew up watching Star Wars and still love the franchise as an adult despite some missteps (looking at you prequel trilogy).


SWTOR was my first MMO, meaning I had no idea about roles (dps, healer, tank). When we still had skill trees, I actually tried to evenly pick skills from each tree because I didn't know any better. I didn't realize that the end game content was really where the game began. I was used to games ending after the last story quest. I was like "hey, they still let you play even after the game is over." I got kicked out of my first operation (KP) because I was DPSing Bonethrasher instead of healing; I wasn't even specced for heals. I learned over time about operation mechanics.


ROTHC, while I wasn't totally in love with the story, introduced good stuff. I felt the macrobinocular and droid seeker quest lines provided a nice different objective instead of solely "kill this thing, fetch that thing". It introduced a little puzzle stuff to solve, which was nice variety. It's a shame those two aspects of the game weren't expanded upon. And of course in 2.x, we got two of the best operations in the game DF and DP. It is in my opinion a model future operations should follow, good story + end game repeatable content, which also brought a daily area. SoR had a fantastic story, and again, they even tied an operation and daily area to it. ToS and Ravegers aren't my favorite, but at least they still made 2 operations. The Ziost story was fine, and I welcomed a new daily area, especially since the focus of those dailies isn't about wading through or trying to avoid enemy mobs.


KOTFE and KOTET, while I truly and thoroughly enjoyed the story, didn't feel a lot like Star Wars and not really like SWTOR. It was good, but something was a little off. I told my guild at the time KOTFE was released that it felt like BW wanted to make a new game, but they knew that they didn't want to have 2 MMOs competing for subscribers. So, they piggy backed KOTFE and KOTET on top of SWTOR.


Anyway, I don't know if I will resubscribe. My decision will be influenced but not totally dependent on the live stream tomorrow. I don't know if BW is intentionally trying to make the game not profitable so EA decides to pull the plug. I don't know. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it feels like that and maybe there is another game in early stages of development that they want to push but can't go full force until this game ends. Pure speculation based on nothing.


I want to play this game. However, due to the CXP grind and no new end game repeatable content so far, I don't see this game as worth $15 a month. 5.1 was a step in the right direction, but a lot more steps in the right direction need to be taken. Someone did the math for obtaining components or whatever they're called. It would take literally hundreds of WZs played to get a full set. And as others have noted, I'm not going to quit my job just to get a full set of 230 gear or whatever.


But, alas, I brought up the negative. In closing, the game was great for me while it lasted. I hope I have a real reason to resubscribe again soon. :)

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