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Why is there no ability to Retro - active - the WZ's unassembled comms people have completed. Many of us have done many war zones, now without any reward.

Also, why are they not legacy bound, it leaves people like me who pvp multiple characters - in a bind


Additionally, the amount of un-assembled components /command comms are very low and would allocate roughly 36 wins of pvp to get one piece of armor.

Hardmode OPs drop only a limited amount or gear for players who choose that route. For example in an 8 man HM last evening - total 10 bosses --- 4 pieces of gear dropped - 4 players got one piece after all the efforts



You appear to have many unhappy players with the changes implemented.

I am sad to say, I am even considering no longer playing after all the work I've put in - seems like a waste

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after long time in lvl command lvl i got no trousers, so i buyed it at tier 1 vendor. i got tier 1 trousers, wanted to change it into tier 2, but at vendor its red. it doesnt work


do u have the unassembled components from wz, or the unassembled token from ops?

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Question for you, Eric Musco :rolleyes:


i have 791 command token, on legacy, on battle meditation. 151 command token, on another legacy, on Red Eclipse.


If i transfer a character from Battle meditation to Red eclipse, does my 791 command token from Battle meditation follow me on Red eclipse, and adds to the other 151 command token i already have on red eclipse ?


I Hope the question is clear :D

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