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Gundark Codex Entry!


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Hi everyone, new here, so this'll be my first post, lol.


I'm interested in collecting the codex entries I can in the game as I'm very much into the Star Wars lore - also because I'm a completionist, but this is one on Dromund Kaas is driving me crazy! Anyone have experience already getting this one?

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Just watch out, i am also an perfectionist/completionist but the codex in the game cannot be completed, there are some lacking so you will never get 100%. I just wanted to give you a warning so you are aware of the fact.


If you read the comments on those swtor-spy pages, folks are making note if the lore can be found, if it's still messed up, if it's been fixed, etc.


There's a couple running threads on ones that are broken






Not sure if they're still being updated or not.


Hope this helps

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