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Do not let spam report contribute to maximum ticket count


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I had understood that you want us to report spam from gold sellers, which I have done continually since launch.


I now have in an issue on a character and need help, but cannot create a ticket as the spam reports have maxed the ticket count. The issue makes the character unplayable - I have reported it as a bug approx. 2 weeks ago, but am still in the same situation.


Good piece of design ? I think not.


I will no longer report gold sellers even if I stay in game, which looks doubtful as I cannot get my in game issue resolved.

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For now, you should contact CS on the phone or through email about your issue.


You can still report the spam in moderation, but don't report old mail from over a day as that person will likely already be reported by another person. Make sure you never report the same one you already reported on another character or you're just opening up another ticket for the same thing. Finally, figure they will stay open tickets for 7-10 days each, so make sure you don't have too many reports each week.


It's a bad system, that discourages players from "helping" get rid of spammers, but they don't seem to want to change it.

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Report it in chat and then ignore it.


I believe you;re talking about general chat spam. The poster is talking about in game email spam.


I could have sworn that both methods of reporting open a ticket.


I make sure that I just send in one report for each user name.


And after a while you can't ignore them anymore since the ignore list has a max number you can add.

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