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Bigger or changeable colors for mouse cursor !


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Option for a bigger cursor or the ability to change its color, even give it an outline that's different in color!

the reason i ask this is because i keep losing the darn thing on screen in world and environment similar to the cursor color. not many has this problem i take it, but i have this problem all the time and not just in this game. Star trek Online, added bigger cursors and it helps also their cursor changes color/shade depending on the background color it is over anyways back to SWTOR.


i don't want to dig into the files and change it that way, because messing with files (mod) is probably not going to work in a mmo. probably will get error's and possible ban, so this way is my only way to get things changed.


again i take it not many players have this problem, its more a problem with my eye's that makes me lose track of objects and all. but having bigger cursors of different color cursor compared to the background color helps a lot.

and is probably not a big mess to code and implement into the game.

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