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Unassembled Components and Their Vendor


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"Keep in mind that Tier 1 is the only Tier that you can directly purchase. In order to get a Tier 2 or 3 Unassembled piece, you will need to turn in the previous Tier armor piece along with X amount of Unassembled Components (listed below)."



I guess some players are already past tier one. So this may have already been answer as I have only read post 1. If a player is already on tier 2 or 3 and did not keep tier 1 gear. Is there a way for them to get tier 1 gear again to trade in? I know I did not keep mine, I ripped out the bits to put in legacy gear. OK won't be an issue for my alts but not everyone has alts.


Has this been asked and answered already? Just a yes or no will do. If its confirmed as answered I can read though the whole thread myself.




Ah never mind. The answer is actually in the part I quoted. Must be more tired than I thought.


Tier 1 is mostly irrelevant now. You can buy t2 directly, and I do not think you can even exchange t1 for anything anymore so its like a temporary set bonus and then junk it.

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