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Underline theme of each class story


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If you could sum up the overall central theme for each class story, what would it be?


Here are some examples (may add more later):


Sith Inquisitor: Freedom - the SI starts as a slave, then they are discovered being Force-sensitive and they rise through the ranks, becoming more powerful, until they are no longer ruled over anyone but themselves.


Bounty Hunter: Their story is centered around vengeance. From the beginning, its was avenging fallen comrades/allies and then later, it's about revenge on those who tarnished the hunter's infamous name.


Jedi Consular: About compromise and trust. Primarily a political driven plotline, its about gathering allies, and being able to trust one another.


Agent:Identity. How does one define themselves and their place in the Empire.

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From the ones I've completed:


Inquisitor=Classic Sith tale of breaking the chains and mastering the Dark Side to be the ultimate being,freedom is your goal and you get there despite your slave origins.


Agent=A good example of how the Empire's sucess sometimes gets behind due to internal Sith politics,despite being a loyal agente to the empire they still doubt you.


Trooper=Classical soldier story,not entirely boring but compared to other it gets outshadowed since the trooper is just a soldier trying to make the best for his/her republic.


Smuggler=Full on comic relief with a nice mixture of Tyber Zann from SW:EAW FOC expansion depending on the path you take.


Consular=Polar opposite to Inquisitor,as opposed to using his/her power to gain control over others he/she uses his power to mend the galaxy from the wounds the dark side can inflict.

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In short:


Warrior - the quintessential Sith experience that we are used to from other SW media- books, games, movies, series. It's a balance between all. If you are a Star Wars fan, you can't possibly be disappointed with this story.


Inquisitor - in order to appreciate the story fully, you have to be more well versed with the EU. But even then it falls short after chapter 1. The story itself is not terrible, but the protagonist himself is not a good Sith, at least imo. As Bane said, power in the Force must come from within yourself, not unreliable outside sources.

Also there are some major design failures in this story, like for example not having the option to turn your ex jedi companion to the dark side. My most anticipated class and story before swtor went live, and biggest disappointment.


Agent - mix between Star Wars and all good spy movies or stories you can think of, in which the protagonist is an expert with gadgets,weapons + martial arts. The best story in the game, especially when played for the first time.


Bounty Hunter - you will like this story if you like Mandalorians and/or bounty hunters in Star Wars. My favorite, after the warrior and agent.

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Consular: Loyalty


Knight: Heroism


Trooper: Duty


Smuggler: Profit


Inquisitor: Freedom


Warrior: Power


Hunter: Vengeance


Agent: Betrayal


Obviously, there's overlap and I find Consular, while my favorite, the hardest to pin down.


Consular has all the loyalty to her Master, the other Masters, the Order, friends, the Republic and one's own belief in the force, but it's not the one I'm sure I'd want to go for for all of them.


I could easily see Warrior as revenge and Hunter as glory as well, but I do think glory is secondary to the over all vengeance. First against Braden and then the others.


It may be best to have them be two things...Power and Revenge, Glory and Vengeance...etc etc.

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Agent: Every single Sith is a psychopath.


Bounty Hunter: Bounty Hunting would make for an awfully boring sport.


Sinq: A sarcastic and sexy voice can go a long way.


Warrior: Continuity is overrated.


Knight: It's great being the main character.


Smuggler: Please ignore anything after Chapter 1.


Trooper: Shepard is often imitated, but never duplicated.


Consular: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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To me at least, each class represent aspects of each side of the Force philosophies:


Light Side


Tropper: “There is no emotion, there is peace”

Smuggler: “There is no ignorance, there is knowledge”

Jedi Consular: “There is no passion, there is serenity”

Jedi Knight: “There is no chaos, there is harmony”


All: “There is no death, there is the force”


Dark Side


Agent: “Peace is a lie, there is only passion”

Bounty Hunter: “Through passion I gain strength”

Sith Warrior: “Through strength I gain power”

Sith Inquisitor: “Through power I gain victory”


All: “Through victory my chains are broken, the force shall free me”

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Jedi Knight: Heroism over villainy. (LS or DS).


Jedi Consular: Wisdom and diplomacy over misplaced passion and vengeance.


Smuggler: Fun and profit.


Trooper: Duty. That is all.




Sith Warrior: Raw strength and power over schemers.


Sith Inquisitor: Freedom. "Through victory, my chains are broken."


Bounty Hunter: Honor. Specifically, finding or rejecting honor and purpose in an otherwise empty, callous career.


Imperial Agent: Deception; Betrayal; Secrets; Intrigue; Mind-screws. Finding the truth wrapped in webs of lies. "You have been deceived." An enigma wrapped in a paradox. Learning who you can trust when you realize you can trust no one. Using others while being used; finding truth and free will through deception and brainwashing on both sides.

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My synopsis:


Warrior: Troll your enemies, troll your master, rise to the top.


Inquisitor: "Have I mentioned I was a SLAVE?!"


Agent: This song


Bounty Hunter: See how many sith lords you can get to force choke you, punch nobles in the face for being annoying


Trooper: America (f-yeah!)


Smuggler: Promiscuous layabout trolls their way across the galaxy for fun and profit.


Knight: The quintessential classic Star Wars story.


Consular: Wet blanket monotones their way through life and has no fun.

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