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Question about the alliances(heroic reward packs) and CM packs


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Hey there!


I just came back to this game (again). I stopped playing after the Shadow of Revan. I leveled up from 60 to 70 via Flashpoints, heroics etc. and didn't play the Story (Chapters). Now I started the Story, and I'm at the chapter 9, where I met with my crew and the alliance.


1st question: I can exchange the heroic rewards (aliance supply crates) to these packs or what at Aygo, Visz, Voss mystic and Oggurobb. These pack have 1gift and 1item, sometimes a mount aswell. So if I want to keep these sets (8diff set * 4diff pack = 32diff set) do I really need so much stash space? Or can I do something about it? Because these items aren't collection :/


2nd question: I still have these old cartel market packs. What can I do with these pack? Sell on GTN? How much does it worth, because I don't see any pack. I know they changed the packs, but from my experiance, it doesn't really worth to open them.


Thank you! :)

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FYI (though late to the issue]:

They are Bind on Legacy. So, you can distribute them among your toons' cargo holds on that legacy (server). Or even just make some toons to use them as cargo holds. Then just mail, or move them via stronghold storage, to the toon you wan to use them on.


I have ~300 plus and yeah, it starts taking up a LOT of room! Some day I'll sort through them and dump the ugly sets. And, how many bracer sets does one need? :)

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