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5.0 and ranked season are just a joke


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I don't know how the devs look at themselves in the mirror each day.


They start a ranked season right off the bat on a new patch without any pre-season


DPS sins are bugged

Tank sins are bugged

Ops are bugged

Mercs are overtuned and everywhere

Hacking has had a severe increase without a fix or even speedy bans


This is just off the top of my head, probably more issues if I took more time


This is besides the debacle of GC, which has given both the rich (CXP boosters) and people with tons of time a gear advantage, which as I'll explain, hasn't been the case previously due to the reasonable cost of WZ commendations.


Season 7 didn't even start until APRIL. While this start was too late, it did at least allow for people to be on an even playing field as far as gear goes, as well as several other balancing patches prior to the start.


Every game update has followed with a fairly quick balance patch. For example, in 4.0 (10/27/15), they nerfed the criticial damage bonus for snipers and PT's just over a month (4.0.3) because they were so OP, and other classes got some buffs.


They started Season 8 without any chance to get information on how the game balance is performing and give an actual effort to make it anything more than just another CXP activity that any casual jumps in for without any care for the competition that ranked is (or has been) intended for.


Devs...your efforts towards 5.0 have shown me this patch is nothing more than "i don't care about my customer, I just need your money" because 5.1 is just a band-aid to cover a bullet hole.

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Ive jumped servers in hopes for a single WZ que...after 30 min I turn game off. With all this talk about warzones how the hell are you guys getting into any?


Harb is about the only US server that gets reliable ranked pops, because people on the other servers have gotten frustrated due to many of the above reasons I listed


- filled with mercs

- filled with bugs

- hacks

- pve casuals

- win trading


Pops can happen on JC, Shadowlands and Ebon Hawk but it is unreliable.

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