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<LØS> Master Mode Prog Recruitment


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Hello Harbinger, <LØS> has just recently transferred over from Shadowlands. During our time there in 4.0 we went 25/26 (RIP Brontes), achieving Warstalker and From Beyond along the way, and notably also killing Revan HM with only 6 people.


With the 5.0 RNG fest we've lost a DPS and are in need of someone who can fill the spot. We are looking for any DPS that can pull numbers capable of killing the hardest content in the game, and for someone who can adapt to mechanics on the fly and knows what they're doing. Our raid times are Friday and Saturday 11PM-2AM EST, or 8-11 PST. If joining you must be able to join TS, Groupme, and Starparse, and have good attendence, with possible absences being noted ahead of time if possible. If interested message me here on the forums or mail Vendrine in game.

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