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Devs: Show Old Abilities in Patch Notes


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I'm just coming back from a pretty long hiatus, and seeing all of these changes I've missed has made me a little bit dizzy. Were I someone with a weaker composure I probably would have tucked tail and ran. A lot of it's new stuff, and I have to bite the bullet and take the time to read and understand it.


But one thing I can't wrap my head around is why old stats aren't shown for reference when changing things that exist--which in my specific case means Combat Proficiencies.


Before I left I was having a blast playing a Commando Combat Medic. I built full crit and loved to watch my heals slam those health bars back to full. However I know that a lot of those crits relied on my CPs and how my abilities interacted with one another. When I come back to read patch notes and all I see is:

Treated Wound Dressings (Redesign): Increases damage reduction by 5% and tech critical chance by 3%.


Potent Medicine (Redesign): Medical Probe generates an extra stack of Supercharge when activated and increases the critical healing bonus of all heals by 15%.


Field Medicine (Update): Increases the healing done by Bacta Infusion and Medical Probe by 10%. In addition, Successive Treatment channels 20% faster.


I have no idea what to think. I'll be the first to admit that I'm no pro at the game--I like doing ops but I've barely finished anything on hard mode, let alone nightmare (I guess those names changed now, I dunno)--so there's no way in hell I'm going to try and learn what every individual proficiency does to make me better, and by name no less.


Why not reference what the ability previously did so we have some idea of the impact of the change? Did I lose some crit where I need it most? What's the difference between "Redesign" and "Update"?


I've scoured the internet to find a reference and my searches all came up empty. I found this: https://torcommunity.com/tools/skills which has a link to the legacy version, but it fails to actually change the proficiencies and instead just seems to remove any additions (extra levels, legendary utilities).


So that's my idea. Give us something to look at so we can see how our gameplay is affected if we're playing a character we're used to. While I'm here, does anyone have an actual reference to the old CPs so I can try and figure out what actually changed?

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How many different version they should keep in patch notes?


All the changes since 1.0? That would be way too long for anyone to read through.


Just the version that they're changing. They already have an archive of all of the patch notes, if you're confused about the history of a skill you can trace it back through the notes.

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