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Brand New Player! Server suggestions and best cartel market purchases.


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Hey Guys!

Need help! downloading the game now! how much do i need to download to be able to do the first planet?


Also whats the best server (populated) and what are the best cheap things to buy on the Cartel Market! I only really want an awesome red lightsaber and Equipment. and if still got extra a nice pet.


Last question!

Can i equip a jetpack and use a lightsaber at the same time?


Thanks guys!

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The whole game is 35GB - you can play at about 20GB. The advantage of being able to play a bit earlier is bought with a constant risk of the streaming launcher getting the hickups during patches. You may want to follow these instructions here and get rid of the streaming launcher right from the start: http://answers.ea.com/t5/STAR-WARS-The-Old-Republic/Guide-How-to-Switch-to-Non-Streaming-Launcher/td-p/4867417


A high populated server means shorter waiting times for group finder, but also longer waiting times when you stand in the line waiting for a boss or quest-clicky to respawn.


The most populated servers are Harbinger (US west) and Red Eclipse (UK) followed by T3M4 (German)

The former PVP servers are dead (see here: http://www.swtor.com/server-status)

The other US servers are healthy but not as populated as the top 3.

Of the other EU servers only the Progenitor is somewhat healthy.


The cartel market sells primarly cosmetic items. there are a few that make your life easier (more character slots, faster XP gain for leveling or endgame gearing) but nothing that really gives you an advantage other than saving some time. Everything someone bought on the cartel market can also be sold for credits in the auction house (aka GTN - galactic trade network) so keep these cartel coins until you get a better overview of what is worth buying.


There are jetpack mounts everyone can use, and the bounty hunters use their jetpack for some class abilities, but no, there is no way to play Pre Vizla fighting with a Lightsaber while using a Jetpack.

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Going Places Bundle, absolutely! You WANT (make that NEED) Rocket Boost!! 375 CC. And you then want to purchase the two upgrades to Rocket Boost, 120 CC each, that are on your Legacy window (you'll get a chance to make a "Legacy" when you hit L10, about 30 minutes into the game, LOL).


You do NOT want to waste valuable CC on stuff like lightsabers or crystals. You can get plenty of LS in-game from vendors, drops and GTN (the in-game player trading system). And get a +41 crystal from GTN for credits, make sure it is a CM one (has the symbol) and unlock via Collections.


My alt-account post on Cartel Market purchases. It's old, but most holds (except I'd no longer recommend Treek now that all companions are role-flexible).



And my alt-post on Collections:




Servers: I read some of the (formerly?) PvP-only servers are dying, Prophecy of the Five for example. Harbinger, Jedi Covenant, Shadowlands are fine (and now all have an option to choose open-world PvP instances).


Sorry, can't help with your load problem. But it is not uncommon, so search here for suggestions. You can try a repair if the little symbol in the LH corner of the launcher is lit.

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You can buy red color crystals off of the GTN (Galactic Trade Network). If you start a Sith, then I believe you get a free one in your first lightsaber around level 10. I would recommend saving a lot of your cartel coins (CC), you don't need to spend them on stuff like color crystals or pets, there's plenty of that stuff in-game already.


The main things to spend CC on are account wide unlocks such as account wide inventory unlocks which increase inventory space for all characters on your account (not character unlocks, those only apply to an individual character). If you plan on playing F2P / Preferred, you may want to buy the items that remove or reduce the restrictions on your account. You also need some CC to unlock things from your Collections to use on other characters.


If you aren't aware, Collections are an account wide collection of cartel items that you've acquired. Once a cartel item is bound to a character it gets added to your Collections, you can then make as many copies of that item you want for that character. If you want to use that item on other characters, you have to pay a one time fee of cartel coins to "unlock" that item (this can be up to 400 coins for rare items). Once you do, you can make as many copies as you want on any other characters. Exceptions are Dyes and Tunings, which are not saved in collections at all. And armor sets, which you have to collect the entire set and bind it to a character before it gets added to Collections.


As for your other questions, jetpacks are considered mounts and you cannot fight or have your weapon out while mounted. You could buy rocket boots which give you a short speed boost, they are a Legacy unlock once you create a Legacy, but they cost a few million credits (or a bunch of coins) to unlock. Most things from the cartel market can be sold on the GTN. I would recommend saving up some credits and buying some cheap armor sets from the GTN later on. Once you level, it becomes very easy to find and buy some decent cheap cartel armor, pets, color crystals, etc. from the GTN.

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One additional note to add to what others here stated.. when you gather up cash and get that cool orange armor set off the gtn, don't equip it directly. Instead, click on the first wardrobe slot, and bind it all there instead, and then go store the stuff in your cargo hold. Now you'll get the stats from the gear you pick up along the way (greens, blues from heroics) while keeping the cool look you chose, without having to worry about filling those oranges with mods. Edited by Shatterstar
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