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Story-Mode Companion Romances Need work ... SPOILERS Ahead...


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I'm a story-mode player. I play the story, enjoy the relationships with the characters and building romances. I lose interest in playing when the story ends or lapses to endless planet hopping just to do some task. I realize that this platform is many things to many people, but I wanted to share my frustration with what the character romances as I've played over the passed while.


I was drawn to this game because I really loved playing Knights of the Old Republic especially the relationship plot with Bastilla Shan. Its one of the few games I've played a couple of times. My first character in SWTOR was a Jedi specifically because this emotional tie.


Let me give you some of my recent frustrations with this aspect of SWTOR to date - and I just finished the available content last night.


The character I just finished with is a Trooper who enjoyed a 50 affection with Elara Dorne. The core storyline finished -

the talks about getting married, the thought of general Garza officiating the wedding, the talk of kids, and the three emails that signal the completion of the romance track.



I get that the Eternal Throne story line really throws the universe into turmoil and that old characters and companions are all over the place. Its been fun re-connecting with Havoc squad, and making friends with "cross-over' companions.

But Elara disappearing from the Universe just isn't consistent with relationship she and the Trooper had. I get that she was likely killed trying to find him, but someone, somewhere should know something. A final holomessage, a visit in the Odessan wilds while with Shan/Marr, Aric delivering the news or even a cryptic email once the trooper ascends to the throne. Something! Her just disappearing isn't consistent.



How about Lana in the Eternal Throne chapters. I developed a relationship with her.

It was a relationship that kept growing. The kiss on the burning command deck on Arcann's flagship was a very romantic touch. On IoKath Lana even laments over all the the times she has been separated from him and how upsetting it was finishing with the comment "Remind me to schedule so private time for us". No follow-up. The Outlander sits on the throne only to be locked away by Valcorian. A stressful and sad occurrence. Another one of those separations that she lamented on back on Iokath. The end result? After beating the ex-emperor, and taking control of the Eternal Fleet, the Outlander is left standing by himself in the Alliance Planning room on Odessen and an cinematic cut to Lana and Theron taking about new threats. REALLY??? She's Sith, not Scorpio.



For a Story-mode player who plays for the relationships and story I'm very frustrated.

Though I will say that I noticed that more affection Lana had the more she smiled. A nice touch.



This goes even further back with my first character - a Jedi Knight who falls in love with Kira.

I get the Jedi rules about this all, but not even the option to play the Bastilla Shan card on her descendant to plead their case. Then when the knight is captured and tortured for who know who long. There is now emotional reaction by Kira? Shes a jedi padawan who has feelings the main character



Perhaps I missed some dialog branches, or didn't have affection/influence high enough to kick in the in-depth outcomes, but it sure seems like the writers are missing some the details in character development that would make the stories more "sticky" for me.


Right now I don't even want to play again. I know that is kinda pathetic, but some of us connect with our alter-egos and their associates. Please don't leave us high and dry, give more thoughts to how these incredible heroes might actually act, or behave differently, when faced with a character whom they are romantic with.

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