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Welcome to the new Cantina !


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I don't know if the subject of entertainment in the cantinas has already been mentioned, but i've been thinking about a new way to have fun through mini games. Like in KOTOR 1 &2.


(I'm sorry for my bad english )


Pazaak: (50 ranks available , after rank 50 you're able to play in ranked)


"Being rich has never been so simple ... I mean , if you have the right cards ..."


Rank 1-10: Basic cards (against npc)

Rank 10-30: Improved cards (against new players)

Rank 40-50: Cartel cards (+ -) (pre-competition against good players)

Rank 50: Admission to the VIP club + VIP Token (Inter-faction zone on Nar Shaddaa)

Ranked : Several unlockable titles (Pazaak table set for the galactic fortress or in your ship ...


Swoop races :


"Do not try to go too fast at the risk of exploding ... But try to win all the same ..."

Standard swoop + ability to buy on the cartel market ...

-No available ranks : only reputation points

-Players are able to bet on npc's

-Specifics titles to players who did the best time record

-Tournament every 2 months (event)


Mandalorian Circle:


"In tribute to our greatest fallen fighters ..."


A simple 1vs1 duel in a tiny arena:

- Players can watch and join the queue

- Everyone must wait for his turn

-No stuff upgrade

Reward: valor points , credits , random illegal items , pets.


That's all :)

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