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Arena class kill list


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Not accounting for tanks / healers:


PT < Juggernaut < Sorcerer < Marauder < Assassin < Sniper < Operative < Merc


In both healer and no-healer games tunneling Juggernaut tanks is a viable tactic, as they go down quite easily - especially since most use dps gear.


In healer games opers and mercs are usually left alone , since operative can kite and escape with ease and merc is, well, a tank. Without a tank, sorcerer is pretty much always chased after. They are still better healers than other classes but lack their sick survivability.

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Eh, I see it a little broader than a simple list.


First of all, you got the viability of targets. I.E. You can't really open on a Sin or OP because you can't see them.

And when you do get them low.. they'll dissapear only to come back at full health leaving you stranded without cooldowns. Generally doesn't make for a very appealing target.


Then you can consider composition, to take the example above to express how this can change things.. if you have an electronet on your team, you can give the stealthie a good run for his money.. at the very least enforcing a stunbreak.

But if you can enforce that earlier, then net is pretty much certain death once applied near execution range.


Lastly, you can consider player skill. You'll see certain names around in arenas a lot. If a player is exceptionally good.. then making them your focus target could be a very big advantage to your team because it often forces those players to play way more defensively. Limiting the enemy teams healing/damage output significantly.



This is honestly just a very small part of what you could consider when you pick a target to shoot your arrows at. But its a start.

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