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Only the Bold - Fresh Republic Guild Recruiting


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Only the Bold is the newest guild on the Red Eclipse.


We came together as 4 strangers on a fine january evening to form a fresh guild. We couldn't decide on the name, let alone PvP or PvE orient. So we decided on one thing: just to have fun.


Only the Bold is recruiting both new and experienced players. All classes, all levels. Our founders are a mix of people from different countries and different experiences with the game. The main point is to have like-minded people enjoying and discovering all aspects of this beautiful game. You want to do a flashpoint, so do we. You like PvP? So do we. Whatever you want to do, you can find people to share the experience with. We are a casul guild, and we want you to feel at home, and belonging.


We are new but we started fast, with our guild bank already active with repair allowances, and a beautiful Coruscant Strongold decorated with cosmetics and utilities.


If you want to be a part of this, just join us! The more people join, the more enjoyable this adventure will get. Don't wait, we want you now!

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