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Rotation for infiltration shadow and talents?


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For infiltration shadow 5.0, what is a good rotation and choice of talents that I should be using?


There's no rotation, but a priority list that goes as follow :


Force Breach > Psychokinetic Blast > Spinning Strike > Vaulting Slash > Shadow Strike > Clairevoyante Strike > Saber Strike (though you should not have to use it). Though no math back this, empirical test seems to show that Vaulting Slash has priority over Shadow Strike.


As for utilities it depends on what you do, but for PvE Celerity, Mental Defense, Fade (mandatory), Misdirection, Force Harmonics (mandatory), Shadowy Veil, Stalker's Swiftness (Mandatory) and Avenger Grip are a good choice.

Other utilities you could consider, though mostly situational are Lambaste, Egress or Mind Over Matter.

For PvP, Force Wake, Containment or Sturdiness are also good utilities you can mix in.

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