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planet level sync and guild ship bonus


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Since 4.0 we have on planets level sync, with the max levelcap of each planet.

With a guild ship you have on the planet your ship is docking to, a bonus on your stats, for planetary actions with your char.

Since 4.0 this bonus isn't given anymore.



Is there a plan to give a guild a new bonus on planets?

Or are guild ships only good for porting your members on that planet?


I tested it with Rishi and Yavin 4 which have the same levelcap. The guild ship is docked to Rishi, to get a quick step to "The Ravagers". On both planets my char has the same stats and make the same damage/heal, so the bonus of the guild ship isn't given.


It's not really neccessary bonus, but in the beginning it was big plus to buy a guild ship. So what happend?

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I suspect it is being applied, then scaled down. You'd only see the difference in stats if the character was equal to or below the planet level cap.


It's like when I leveled my first alt after level sync and was on Alderaan at level 34 with 11,100hp. I hit level 35 and seemingly lost hp because I was over the cap, and when it scaled me back to 34 I had 10,200hp. My stats were lower at a scaled to planet 34 than they were at actual character level 34.


Try taking an alt that is at or below the planet sync level, and I suspect you'll see them getting the bonuses applied.

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I suspect it is being applied, then scaled down.

No, it is being applied, then CLIPPED down. Guild Wars 2 scales you down. SWTOR clips you, or not, depending on the stat you're looking at:

* Power, Mastery, and Endurance are clipped.

* Max Health is clipped, but not to the value predicted by the clipped Endurance.

* The others are not affected. Your Crit chance and crit multipler are not touched. Your Defense, Shield, and Absorb numbers are not touched. Your alacrity is not touched.

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