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Just clarification on the waves (not another complaint)


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I am just looking for a clarification on when I might expect to get my early invite.



  • I pre-ordered the game on 7/21/11
  • I redeemed that pre-order code 10/19/11




Am I a "july" pre order or an "October" pre order?


I don't mind waiting, and understand that my early entry date my change, but I just want to get a better expectation about when. I thousand threads blew up in flames today and were subsequently deleted, and the official thread gave me the impression that "July" pre-orders would be playing the game today.



Looking forward to playing!!

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You're an October Pre-order. Bioware has no way of knowing when you actually pre-ordered, they only know when you entered your pre-order code.


Why did you wait almost 3 months to enter your code anyway?



I hadn't really thought about it to be honest. I can live a few days without getting in. The game isn't going anywhere.



Thanks for clarifying everyone!

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