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It's not completely entitlement, it's advertising, too


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Not a whine or complaint post. Just laying out facts from a PR and analyst perspective (I work for a PR firm as a PR director and analyst for a fortune 500 company).


They advertised Early Access as part of a way to get people to pre-order. The first problem is the pacing. Most people know how quickly you can get to 20+ and honestly, it has a lot more to do with guild progression and friend progression (which is almost universally why people play mmo's in the first place).


I don't mind waiting two, and maybe three days max if there are literally 3 million people who pre-ordered. But BW hasn't released any information like that and honestly, it's doubtful 3 million people pre-ordered.


Queues will be there, regardless. They were there for 2 million in mass beta weekend, and they will be there after the second day or third day of staggering. Just because people have moved out of the starter zones doesn't mean there won't be a queue.


The excuses, or justifications (however you look at it), don't add up. We understand that EA isn't meant to be a stress test...but it's going to be a stress test anyway. And we understand that not everyone was getting in the first day, but the speculation that people who ordered in October, November, and December will have to wait until the 18th? You're clearly out of your minds if you think that's not going to cause an uproar.


With that in mind, people will quit or play regardless. That's a given. Ultimately it comes down to the second problem...a lack of detailed information and consistent, blanket dissemination of that information. Like I said, I work as a PR and system analyst for a fortune 500 company and this...this is just beyond negligent when it comes to the "why" for many people's questions.


Whoever EA hired to direct the flow of information about this process should be put on leave or moved to another department....clearly they've failed. Forums and Twitter aren't exactly the greatest mediums of answering blanket questions and concerns.


That's my perspective. I will play the game because I believe it's a great game. And I'm not demanding a place in the EA. I am, however, pointing out a clear failure in the PR department.

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