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SWG: Chilastra - Role Call


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I'm around too :)


Aliman / Akillas....


made sith toon on euro server but i think i may just create an trooper rebel side so that i can pwn our chili imps once again :)


Hey Buddy!! Bunch of us on Volkur Highway or something like that.

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Chilly/ Kettemoor here! Chilly known as Egole Farlander and kettemoor, then later chilly again as Kaltor Kiaburr or Kilsum former member of PACE, shout out to Kobie and ralphito or aka strykur Kain. currently playing on Space slug as imperial name Kilsum
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Pre-CU Vet Ledvan Deckard here, and for SWGEMU Liberator people I'm Jedi Lenin.


On the Europe server The Ravager, on the name Lee, legacy name Roy ha. Gone Gunslinger playing alot of PVP and enjoying the game ALOT. Wanted to join the others on Port Nowhere but fancied a change, new friends new enemies etc!

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Whats up ladies, long time no see, most of the dreads, now the unforgiven ones are playing on prophecy of the five. I'm dorking around on several servers


got a few on prophecy, giradda the hutt and now i guess i'll be starting one on the 'new' chilly


For the chilly pre cu/nge vets

Poo'doo - Jedi

Fodder - Squad Leader


More recent chars..






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