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Jee'Zee and ToFN Forever

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on ToFN i has 69 guilds almost all of them was bank for gold farmers.I love ToFN it BEST it CARAMEL. i spent 12 billions to buy some armor on TRE and transfered just on ToFN to sell for cheap PRICE. Server small. I played on BATTLE MEDITATION 2 years it was the same 70 players at evening 30 at night but warzones still pop! ToFN is was the BEST PvP server EUROPE and ALWAYS WILL BE!Small Ping+ NO lags pv works awesome. On TRE i found terrible lags terrrible warzones only with pvers where you can lose in row 5-10 wz with same not geared players. and who play with team np. on ToFN you never need team. ToFN 100% Alive and Caramel as Long as Nice players here who playing Warzones FOR THE TOFN

I am leaving game today. But i promise last credits i will sent to tofn today i should buy and put cheap items on GTN for all and FREE credits for players on Korribans. All Gold Farming credits which was farmed exploited i will invest on ToFN have 3 guild ships on ToFN gove to Role Play guys. This Server cant and will never die. It Best server Ever. All is Best it 1st and last PVP server where was Best players. TOFN <3

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