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Guild Flagship missing Nexu's Haven


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Guild flagship has been missing since Thursday (May 5) and despite multiples bug report and Ticket sent, we still havent got it back

But have heard of other guilds getting it back the next day after a ticket/bug report

so how long are we goin to wait for it?

It seriously reduce our guild activity and participation in the Conquest event of this week (May 10) is not even accessible to us (we cant invade a planet)

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Hi, this has been a problem since they were added. There are only 2 ways to get your ship back once it goes missing. Put a post in the main thread about this so you voice is added to the others there :)


The first method is a temporary workaround and it requires that you have at least one person with a gold key in your lost ship/stronghold. That character simply has to pickup and then place a decoration. The missing location will pop back temporarily. Your guild members usually have to relog to see it listed again. It will only be visible for a few minutes so they have to travel there quickly.


I created 2 place holder characters who sit in the guild stronghold/ship and their only job is to pop them back when they vanish. Make sure not to queue for PvP/GSF/GF with your place holders though as when you come out of a match you will be on fleet and won't be able to get back to your own ship!


The 2nd method is the only "long term" workaround and that is a server reset which pops them all back from the void (until the next time).


If your ship is lost in the void then you can't use the teleport/summon and when the CQ begins each week then you can't click the Invade button.


The main trigger seems to be when somebody that previously had a gold key but was then removed from the guild logs in (or if they quit). If they are in the guild/stronghold then it seems to phase it so that they can see it but the rest of your guild can't. They may not even know they have done it.


It's just one of those things. It may be fixed at some point but it doesn't seem to be a priority. If it's happened to your guild even just this one time then I highly encourage you to use the placeholder system me and the others do.

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My guild flagship appears to have gone missing as well. I've submitted a ticket so we'll see if it gets resolved. If it doesn't come back as it left (fully unlocked and fully decorated) Bioware can keep along with the game. I'll be cancelling my subscription and moving on the greener pastures. We worked too hard to unlock and decorate it to loose it to another stupid bug.
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