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<The Last Battalion> is recruiting

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The Last Battalion is an established guild that has been around here for some time. It has become very active and alive so we want more players (casual, pvp, raiders) to join us and have fun with us. We also have 2 full progression raiding groups (with the possibility of starting a third one)


what do we offer:

*active guild and active guildchat (15-25 online most times)

*awesome fully unlocked guildship

*all sorts of players who enjoy group play: ops, fp, pvp as we do it all (conquest!).

*events: duelmania, commander hunts, worldboss hunts, yavin walker runs

*the "you are in a guild" exp bonus

*teamspeak for if you are not the typing kind of person

*3 progression groups (1 nim aspiring, 1 hm and 1 starting sm)

*imperial sister guild "The First Battalion" (only used for leveling and getting achievements)


how can you reach us:


*contact officer/recruiters ingame: arcturis, kurzan, goyer, lynam or charasar in game.


what we looking for

*all sorts of players

*we could always some more tanks (shadow) and healers (scoundrel/commando)

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Hi, guys already joined want to be full member name of Alpha-oneone , will not be back online till Friday see you then... Bye the bye would like to learn how too do Ops willing to learn anyway cannon fodder or whatever am a Vanguard so pls give me a shout..:mad:
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