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TOFN transfer from server.


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First of all I want to apology for my Goblin English.

It's my first time when I write on game Forum. it wasn't necessary before.

I am work at sea. Usually I don't have access to internet (in ocean). In case when I have it. it's limited( in port of some country) So in this case I wasn't play. After 3 month of work I come back home. And what we have? Server is dead and transfer 1000 CC. OK I have 13 alts. 13 000 CC. It's expensive for me. If I was at home 1-2 month ago. I will trasfer all my alts to another server.

So I ask. Dear Bioware, will you reduce transfer cost?

In case if transfer cost will be not lowered... It's will be "Game over" for me and my favorite game.

We don't have people on fleet. Republic side is totally dead. It's unreal to go any ops(pvp) by republic alts.

For me I see only one option - transfer to another server. But cost is to high.

If some one know any alternative, please share with me.

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