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Just resubbed and my gripes after a night of companion alerts


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1/ Are you expecting players to start an alert companion mission at level 1? e.g I just did Jorgan's on a Imp and was glad I had wasted 30 minutes feeding him gifts on fleet to get him too level 15 so useful in his own story mission. Before that I tried to do Kalyio's without increasing hers and she just kept dying at level 1 and had to again waste time and credits to do a solo boring mission.


Any companion we get at 65 if not already part of a classes normal companion set[which have gained influence quickly from chat bonuses already so need no help], really need to have there influence buffed to at least level 10 from the start to handle their own story missions.


2/ The old MMO mechanic of reduced speed on agro really need its emissions tested and found to be cheating the test. Can we not just get rid of it and make speed of movement a part of this game. Coming back from other MMO's and co-op games makes me cringe at how bad this mechanic really is


3/ invulnerable NPC mechanic on general npc's, another old pet hate MMO mechanic. This brought on by 2 gold knights that constantly flew away at slightest damage in Kylio's unlock alert. On bosses ok but these where not bosses. I could do 1 single alpha on them and they flew away, dragging out the fight from what should have been 1-2minutes depending on crits to well over 5 minutes. Boring mission made even longer.

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