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Yes dont leave- unsubscribe rather

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why leave- you the only 1 that looses?? but if we all unsubscribe then that's a totally diff story.

by transferring to another sever all you doing is paying bio-ware another 1000 cartel credits per char for them,,wow think about it- bio-ware will really really cry, right.


on the other hand if we all unsubscribe , we wont be missing much anyway , as wz don't pop, personally its been over 6 months i saw a 16 man ops on etc etc.


so yeah being a f2p will mess your game a bit, but not as much as it will mess bio-ware's profit line- right?

when last did bio-ware actually fix your concerns/ grievances- you think they care if you transfer? I'm recalling their responses to countless tickets over last 2 years "im not getting any points for conquest" responded with- shut up we will fix it in the future, p.s keep paying subs. tralalala


i wonder if they would be more concerned if we all stopped paying ? just a thought

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