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Merc 4.0 healing stats ?


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Im curious as to what other merc healers are running . I am just very curious to compare if im using the right percentage so far i would like to compare so if you could . For example like what crit ,power ,alac are you guys at ? Also what augs are more benifical to merc heals ? If you could be so kind to list them below it would be appricated seeing how im not having luck finding many pvp guides to compare with . :)
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I'm currently in

220 x 4 Armor

224 x 3 Armor

224 Earpiece

216 x 2 Implants

220 x 2 Relics

220 MH and OH


I'm at

4802 Mastery

2811 Power

1564 Crit -- 38.14% / 70.18%

1224 Alacrity -- 12%


This is without any buffs. Hope this helps ya

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