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Starting Planet Vendor Equality


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Something that I have noticed for a long time now, thinking it would correct itself, and even wondering why, there seems to be a lack of Starting Planet Vendor Equality. The weapons vendor sells weapons for both of the classes that may purchase from it, but the Armor Vendors do not. I am using Korriban as the example, but you can apply this to all of the planets and find they are the same. If you go to the Medium Armor vendor, you will see some Rare Boots that you can purchase at level 9, but all of the rest of the gear is common. Now, go to the Light armor vendor and you will find Chest, Legs, Gloves and Belt that are Uncommon grade that you can purchase, as well as the common items and of course the Rare Boots. Why is this? Why is there boosted armor love for one class, but not the other?


So, being this is the Suggestion box, I suggest that you go take a look and fix the Armor Vendor love and make them equal. Show that purchasable boosted armor love to both classes that start on the planet instead of just one.


Thanks for the consideration and have a great day.

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