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maybe Bug - turquoise power/critical crystal


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I received recently in Rishi arena warzone a trade from someone and in that trade was turquoise power crystal(hawkeye?). I just thought to myself "meh, whatever, still do not like the color" and moved on. Later I discovered that I have in my collection turquoise critical (eviscerating?) crystal.


I don't remember buing that crystal neither collecting it in any other way and I think it's tied to that trade.


Please note my memory isn't good(goldfish is probably better :) and I may have forgotten, but just to be sure I am reporting it :)


The trade happened on Tomb of Freedom Nadd server, character Mona Sax. Now is this character moved to The Red Eclipse server.



P.S. I searched and haven't found anything. If not a bug and my memory is playing tricks on me just close the thread and sorry for bothering.

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