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Stuck in Crafting !!!


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For Cybertech, you can learn 220 earpieces by:


1. Buying a MK-16 schematic (212 rating) at the trainer.

2. Craft and Reverse Engineer it to learn the MK-26 version (216 rating)

2. Craft and RE that to learn the MK-26 Exarch version (220 rating)


Note that you'll need expensive materials (Exotic Isotope Stabilizer and Strategic Resource Matrix) to craft the 216/220 versions of these earpieces. These mats are not obtainable through crew missions, but are Conquest rewards / Flashpoint drops.


To learn 220 mods/enhancements, you need to:


1. Purchase gear with a 220 mod/enhacement in it with

1a. Radiant Data Crystals (less desirable high endurance versions)

1b. HM operations drop gear token (more desirable high secondary stat versions)

2. Rip the mod out of the gear.

3. Reverse Engineer for a 60% chance to learn the schematic.


Note that crafting 220 modifications requires Dark Matter Catalyst, which is very expensive to purchase on the GTN as it is obtained from running operations.

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