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Annoying bugs that have been around forever


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The longest standing bug that I am aware of is that the GTN forgets information on items placed for sale on the GTN after every service update such that when the item is returned or sold, the name and price of the item is forgotten. Numberous bug reports have been submitted on this. I am begginning to wonder if the developer who wrote the code for that left the company and nobody knows how the code works anymore, so they are afraid to touch it.


If a market is thin for an item, it is easy to price something incorrectly. It should be easy to adjust a price after a failed auction sale. However, if you have no record of the price, you have to keep a separate record offline, which is a chore. Having the stuff emailed back with no audit trail just magnifies the chore. It is also unfortunate that there is not just a simple way of reposting the item rather than just clogging up the inbox with items one at a time.


If you know of any other bugs annoy you and have been around for at least three years, post them here so people can see them.

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