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Daily - Group finder tactical flashpoint not working


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So for an unknow reason either i am lucky or unlucky BUT sometimes this complete after 1 fp, but as for today, after having done 8 tactical FP via group finder, i still have the daily running ...


Is there a bug ? is this normal ?


This can happens on any of my character, be 65 or 30 or 50


If someone could explain if i miss something i would appreciate


Thank you

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Had it happen a few times to me before and I suspect it has something to do with having solo mode flashpoints quests or instances active while trying to run random fps to get the reward.


If that is the case, try and abandon solo flashpoint quests and always exit and reset any active instances before que' ing up.

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There is a common pitfall with some of the flashpoints. I don't know whether that is the problem here or something different entirely, but just in case:


With the majority of flashpoints you're done when the mission award for the flashpoint itself is awarded, which is usually after you beat the final boss in the flashpoint, an item interaction or a final dialogue in the flashpoint itself immediately thereafter.


In some cases, particularly in classic Flashpoint that used to be low level, you do have to lead a final dialogue at the Exit Location of the flashpoint, after the quest reward for the flashpoint itself is given and after you leave the flashpoint itself. In that case the exit location is the mission deck of the fleet where you need speak to Satele Shan and Darth Malgus via the Holo Terminals, respectively for Republic and Imperial player characters.


Examples for Flashpoints where that is so would be Hammer Station, Cademimu, Athiss, Mandalorian Raiders. It does not apply to classic flashpoints that belong to an own storyline and are marked with a class quest icon if you haven't done them already: e.g. The Esseles, Black Talon, Directive 7, The Foundry, The Maelstrom Prison, Battle of Ilum and The False Emperor are not affected.


If your quest list shows a quest with the task "Contact Satele Shan via Holo Terminal" or "Contact Darth Malgus via Holo Terminal", then you need to finish that before it counts towards daily and weekly flashpoint missions. The quest reward for the dialogue itself is minimal: 18k credits and, if you ungroup before you commence the dialogue, four social points (more if you do it with your group).

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