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Our "casual" Republic guild <The Elder Alliance Militia> is recruiting again...


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TL;DR version...


Type of guild: Republic, casual, SW fans, PvP & PvE, GSF, FP's, & Ops (Starting in JUNE)

Established: 2012, BETA phase of SWTOR

Current membership: 195

Actual active members: 48

Recruitment needs: ALL levels, ALL roles (since we are rebuilding & re-growing)

Discriminations: personality & attitude

Flagship: Not yet but hope to someday.

Stronghold: Yes (Coruscant hq) , 9/9 rooms unlocked

Best in-game contact: Nee (Guildmaster) or Cidosmi (1st Officer) or Deflector (my alt)

IMP side mirror-guild: ZiRe (Ziost Remnant)



Rambling elaborate version...


So, after taking a 2 year break from SWTOR due to rl busy-ness (combined with increased development duties on a certain Pre-cu emulator Project also relating to the many galaxies of STAR WARS) , i have finally *returned* to what appears to be a much better game than it was a couple years ago.


Consequently....The Elder Alliance Militia (TEAM) is once again recruiting all levels & classes of Republic side players.


We pretty much know what types of players work best in our type of "casual" guild by now (sense of humor = good , sense of entitlement = bad) and therefore only discriminate based on personality & attitude rather than on powers & aptitude. So please don't take offense if you remain 'recruit' rank for a few days while we see if we're the right fit for you...and vice versa. :D


Anyways, we used to have 216 members (about 2/3rds were 'alts') and most were former SWG players and Beta-test SWTOR players. We really only got "hardcore" if/when necessary. And of course we used to have Vent as well as a private in-game *Chat Channel* that i had formed with a couple other more prominent guilds for Ops, PvP, FP's, etc. etc.


Luckily, a few of our ole friends from the bigger/hardcore guilds remained subscribed and on my Friend-List , so i was able to chat with them over the weekend about hopefully rekindling our former cross-guild channels & coordinations.


Unfortunately, since the 'guildportal' site shutdown , we lost our entire website & archives & such....including all of our voice-coms info.


So yeah, obviously, after being gone 2 years, it's gonna take me a few weeks to get our routines/infrastructure up & running again, and be more *active* , but if you're interested in trying us out and helping us rebuild , feel free to send me a whisper....or, if for some reason i don't reply promptly, please send me in-game MAIL.


Thanks and hope to see ya in-game! --- regards, Nee:sy_title:


p.s. Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in this thread and/or PM me. I will do my best to check it each day.


p.p.s. Yes we're interested in having a guild 'flagship' , as well as guild 'stronghold' , but i need to read more about them first and of course increase our active members before we'll be able to tackle things of that magnitude.

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quick 'bump' for Friday & the weekend


(We've been slowly but steadily growing our membership btw , as you can see by my edited/updated OP ... But yes, i realize it's probably not as fast, nor as 'hardcore' , of a growth as most would like.


However, if you like our vibe and are willing to help grow something special with us, feel free to contact me anytime yep.


regards, Nee:sy_title:


p.s. I'm hoping to be online all day/night today Friday, but if you try to 'whisper' me and i don't reply for some reason, send me in-game MAIL (it's very easy to miss whispers in SWTOR , with all the gen chat spam and/or battle spam while in a warzone or whatever) .

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Another 'bump' for the weekend.


Also: My current *plan* is to start running our scheduled GUILD OPs (and/or hm FP's or World Boss attempts) starting in JUNE . Again, we're not a "hardcore" guild by any means, but just in case people reading this thread were wondering about Ops or group-related things per-week or whatever.


regards, Nee:sy_title:

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