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Question about Crew Skill missions


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I'm trying to figure out which of the crew skill missions has a chance of bringing back a mission discovery. In particular I need mission slicing (grade 8) missions.


Slicing :).


Seriously, slicing lockbox missions - on a crit - will generate discovered missions for all materials skills including slicing (NOTE: the mission you get is random (the mission type NOT the grade; run a grade 8 lockbox mission, you will get grade 8 discovered misson on a crit), but anecdotal evidence indicates that the results are weighted so that slicing missions are the least likely).


Treasure Hunting lockbox missions also have a chance for them on a crit but it is FAR less (NOTE: TH lockboxes you get a random item and that random item could be a discovered mission; so out of the hundreds of possible items 10 are discovered missions)

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