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<Last Resort> is a highly established Republic guild on Shadowlands. With an ample amount of raiders and 2 nights of free time per week, we've finally decided to offer Sale Runs on this server on Friday and Saturday evenings/nights. While the list of what we offer is short now, it will be updated quickly as more of our raiders finish the content and we become comfortable enough to offer full clears of Rav/TOS HM as well as the Nightmare Operations. Keep an eye on this thread if said runs interest you.


Here is what we currently offer, as well as the pricing:



  • Eternity Vault HM - Belt, Gloves, Earpiece, Relic, Mainhand - 20m
  • Karagga's Palace HM - Bracers, Boots, Ear, Legs, Chest - 20m
  • Explosive Conflict HM - Implant, Relic, Head, Chest - 25m
  • Terror From Beyond HM - Belt, Boots, Head, Implant, Offhand - 25m
  • Scum And Villainy HM - Bracers, Gloves, Implant, Legs, Relic, Chest, Mainhand - 30m
  • Dread Fortress HM - Belt, Gloves, Earpiece, Legs, Offhand - 30m
  • Dread Palace HM - Bracers, Boots, Head, Relic, Chest - 30m


For Highlighted Operations, add an additional 10m to the price total. All Token and Off Gear goes to the buyer. Decos, Mounts and such can be negotiated separately, usually at very fair prices.


You can submit your Sales Request here , or


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Do people pay 20 million for EV?


Yes, though not for the achievements. Moreso just getting all the gear in one shot. Doubly so if its highlighted


That said we also offer doing it 16 for more gear

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We've updated our application to indicate that we now offer our runs in 16man for those looking for double the loot or extra achievements


Currently 16man is available only for Rep-side, unless its something like EV/KP impside

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Last Resort is much better in sales than any guild offering on these services right now!!! I ran EV 4/5 with them sooooo easy and only took hour and thirty minutes. With other competing guilds it took forever and they said they would charge extra if i didn't post on the forums saying good things about them! Last Resort doesn't do such things!
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