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new strong hols ideas and planets


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A astroid strong hold in space


A aldrean strong were you can take a mount up a will ti get there or use teleportations


A new wookie planet expansion whit more companions involved

And when the empire attacks the wookie planet


And we see wookie attacking sith whit darts and traps


And the Republic trying to defend the planet and then we can see and then the wookies trying to find slaves that the empire took


And when you die by a wookie In melee combat it rips of your arms and you die


And we see the crime lords and the hunting creuters (bosk spices)

Attacking the planet


And then both emepire and the Republic is fighting against the crime lords




Then a companion expansion pack were you can spend more time whit your companions and more dialogs and they bring up maybe old Missons or something you did like shook vette

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