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Exceptional Powered Assault Schematics


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I'd like to be able to craft this set:



On TOR Fashion it shows as a Heavy set similar to all the other Armourmech schematics that drop from Underworld Trading mission crit successes.


However I've never seen any of these schematics drop, and can't find them on the GTN.


Were they a crafting trainer set of schematics? Judging by the level requirement they would possibly have been introduced in the Rise of the Hutt Caretel Expansion.


Can anyone shed any light on this?



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One of my characters has this - and IIRC it was crafted by my Armormech for him.

- Torfashion says it was trainable- whether it still is IDK.

- There are several sets that look similar / the same - some of which are green drops, so if you're prepared to trawl the GTN you should be able to get one to put in an appearance tab quite cheaply.


Additional: These coats dye quite nicely as well. - Making a cammo-pattern across the back.

-Look good in greens for forest or grey and (deep) red for urban. black and grey (or dark blue) for snow etc.


IMHO it really suits combat medics or Agents, and looks pretty good on 'underground' companions such as Kalio or Yuun, Gault or Risha.


good luck.

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