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<Enraged> is recruiting!


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<Enraged> (Imperial) is seeking NiM capable raiders for Progression Ops.


If you are interested in the serious progression on our teams please have the following qualifications.


1. Be able to parse over 6k dps on a 1.5 mil dummy.

2. Have advanced knowledge of your class

3. Be able to adapt to different strategies.

4. Be able to have fun while trying to down the harder content.


If you do not have all of these qualifications fear not because we are also putting together a learning HM ops team aswell!



We currently have 3 raid teams 1 is NiM capable while the other 2 are more of a casual progression.


We also run guild pugs almost every night and do a fair amount of PvP.


We also have a 50 percent unlocked guild ship and raid repair funds for serious raiders.


We are serious about raiding but we also like to have fun doing so!


If you are interested sign up on our new site @



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