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Any chance of the B-S-G armor packs making a return soon?


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I've recently gotten it into my head that I want to unlock absolutely every armor set in collections. (Then, the next time there's a sale on account-wide unlocks, I'm gonna go cuh-razy.) I've actually gotten 70% unlocked just buying cheap armor sets on the GTN and a missing piece here and there.


However, some of the gold and even silver sets that are older have just been a nightmare. Someone wanted 180 million for Mission Vao's armor set (silver) - no lie! The chance cubes have actually been great for getting the older bronze sets, but with so many rare sets dropping, even when someone gets a gold, they want a fortune for it.


So BW, hear me! I will drop 10K CC easily on the gold packs, if you just give me the chance to! Even if I get sets I already have, I can trade or sell. No doubt it'll drop the prices on the ones I can't find! Is there any chance of them making a reappearance? Maybe by EC?

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