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Thanks, BioWare..


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While I'm a bit disappointed that I wasn't able to get in on an 'early' day 1 to an 'early' launch, I would like to say thanks. Thanks for opening pre-launch 2 days early and thanks for having the foresight to realize how miserable a launch can be, especially with a game that has the scope and size of this one.


I have been playing WoW since 09 and I am excited to experience a game setting with a franchise that I grew up with, SW:TOR. Having been apart of the Cata launch on a 'full' server, it was beyond miserable.


The login que's were sometimes as much as 2 hours. The questing zones had so many people in them that it was a nightmare to get quests done. Heck, even getting to the quest givers was a frustrating task. The server lag was horrific. Frankly, it was an experience that I'd rather not repeat with my gaming experience.


So again, thank you. Thank you, for a great game (played the beta) and thanks for not caving into the demands of the user base, as much as we all want in and play, in doing a launch the right way.


I look forward to seeing everyone in-game.

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