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Suggestion: Server forums


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Don't know whether this is the right place to post this so feel free to move it to the right place if necessary!


Great stuff that the guilds have now been assigned to their servers and people who have preordered the game are getting in now. Finally a long wait is coming to an end.


But I see a problem...


Why don't we have forums dedicated for each of the servers?


For how I see it, when I've been playing other mmo's, the server forums were what held the community on that specific realm together. It got us to hold events of large size which all of the people who attended in those remember for the rest of their gaming lives. It made us know each other better, which actually got us more interested of the game for we could do things with these people that we couldn't do by our selves.


If a guild was looking for more people in to their ranks, would they go for the General Discussions board or rather post a thread in to their own forums, where they would get more people interested and would actually get some applications?


Just something to think about.


Good luck for people getting in the game!

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