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People not usiong stims in warzones!!


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For the sake of IMP teams in warzones please grab a stim, they are cheaper than ever now



Force dysfunction has been shown to hit as early as lvl 40 and with the vast amounts of players spending hours and hours watching twi'lek dancers in the privacy of their strongholds their light sabers refuse to function when they come into contact with other people that show an interest in grouping with them.


To help with this ongoing problem I have posted multiple stims in the GTN to help fight Force Dysfunction. Each stim will give you hours of relief and leave you feeling robust and full of force. Take a stim to take your light saber back to its early lvl 20s.


At the GTN for just 1, 2, 3, and 7k for the lvl 60s!!


Get yours today and remember in the warzone of love, the one with the working saber gets all the action

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