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New ability idea for Sorcerers


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This is inspired from the final fight with the Emperor for the Jedi Knight and the Light Side Jedi / Spy classes from Star Wars Galaxies. This is for Sorcerers.


Ability Name : Decoy

Description: Upon activation the player goes into stealth for 4 seconds. While in stealth, the player can not activate or use any abilities / items; the player can take damage from are of effect abilities but can not be pulled out of the 4 second stealth ( much like Sentinels), and the movement speed of the player is reduced by 50%. After the 4 seconds are over, the player is revealed but there will be clones ( 8 or 9) around the player, which will confuse the enemy. The clones have 1 hp, so they can easily be killed by area of effect. The clones mimic the player, so whatever the player is casting they will cast it as well, but it will not do any damage or healing ( only used for distraction). The clones last for 10 seconds or until destroyed. They are stationary, only the player will be able to move.

Ability cool down: 1 minute 30 seconds


In PvP it would work just like the sentinel vanish. The clones would be used as a distraction and they can easily be aoe'd down. Getting forced into barrier in ranked pvp leaves you defenseless, and you can easily be killed after. This will help with survivability a bit. It isnt over powered and it can be a fun ability to use.


In pve it can be an aggro drop.

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