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Rep toon lips are not moving on Rishi/Yavin 4 - :(


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and it really is getting to me. I love looking at your characters and i love conversation and voice acting. I thought it was interesting a new style was introduced in 3.0 - that i preferred to the makeb and dailies alternative of just lumping a terminal box but still not as good as a full on convo, but - for quests you repeat every day it actually works quite well not to have to have a convo each time, and is not as bland as the terminal box. For none main story quests, you have my favourite, the conversations, for which i would keep recommending this game to others just to play.


But i noticed that when I hand in missions, my Imperial toons have their lips move as they speak to the mission giver, but the republic toons do not, it's freakin me out. Can you please fix.

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