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Buff Sentinel's combat spec


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Combat used to be a spec people can study and practice and put out amazing numbers. But now 3.0 seems to favor watchman way more than combat, which is pretty gimped right now. It used to be the highest parsing melee spec, but now seriously lagging behind other spec. If you look at parse leaderboards, combat spec is almost off the radar right now. The new 6-set also favors watchman a lot more. Have they forgotten us combat sentinels?


Here's a few ideas to do justice to the spec:


- Precision window need to be 4 second like before, not the now 3 second.

*I know the change is for play style away from master strike, so either this, or the following dispatch change:


- When dispatch procs, give it automatic crit

* the 6-set buff watchman's 2 abilities (dispatch and merciless slash), but for combat sent, only dispatch.


- Master Strike need to be able to channel while moving.


- remove the 6-set's 1min limit.

*the 6-set's 1min limit is barely contributing to any dps increase for combat sentinels.


- refund 1 focus when attaru form procs (cannot occur more than once very 6 seconds)

*either this, or let combat sentinels build focus faster, such as:


- activating zen builds 10 focus in the next 10 seconds.


- combat spec's base alacrity bonus be 5% (up from 3%)

*3% is barely noticeable.


- attaru form proc increase critical damage bonus by 10% for 15 seconds. (similar to commando's passive)

*this is because pre-3.0, combat sents have accuracy buff from skill tree, so we can build more into surge, but now it's taken out entirely and combat sents no longer have this advantage in already sub-par numbers.

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